Wooden log houses

About Our Company

The pages of the company’s business activity history begin on June 15th, 1945. The services provided by the company were associated with the post-war reconstruction of destroyed or built from scratch structures all over Poland. The objects of these services were windows and doorframes as well as wooden roof constructions.

In the 1950s, we began producing holiday cottages. In the following years the company’s specialisation was moulded by market needs. In 1973, the first dwelling house of mortised and tongued solid wooden beams was made. Since then the building of wooden construction houses has become the main object of the company’s activity. The techniques used in the construction of beam houses arouse from the family traditions of the company’s managers and information handed down from generation to generation.

In the years 1988 - 1991, within the framework of exporting our services, we built several solid beam houses in Canada. During our multiple visits to Toronto we became acquainted with the secrets of designing Canadian dwelling houses with wooden frame constructions. In Poland, first house utilizing this technology we built in 1992 on the Permanent Building Exhibition on Bartycka Street in Warsaw. Until now we have made more than 1000 dwelling houses with a frame construction or of solid and glued beams on a comprehensive basis.

The houses are built according to individual designs for private individuals, companies and institutions all over Europe. The design criteria and other required information on the applied technologies, standard and furnishings of buildings are provided by customers.

We have realised, among others, more then 200 single-family houses near Warsaw, a number of tourist facilities in Poland and France, a housing estate near Berlin, shopping facilities and gastronomic premises...

Zdjęcie domu drewnianego
Zdjęcie domu drewnianego
Zdjęcie domu drewnianego